Saturday, September 20, 2008

Techie by Nature (How I launched into the Blogosphere II)

Techie by Nature

You may have to scroll down a little bit to get the first part of this story so that you can easily follow my thread. A lot of times you may not really know what you contain until certain circumstances, events or persons cause you to look inside of you and tap into those amazing resources God has deposited inside of you. It is very true that necessity provokes inventions. I will also add that scarcity and curiosity can spark off your creativity.    

During ward round yesterday (I am medic don’t forget) I told my unit members that I am a Techie by Nature. And I still remember this look of both admiration and you-ought-not-to-be-here kind of stare on their faces. They simply couldn’t understand why and how being a Techie and a medic can dwell together in one human vessel. Hey don’t crack your head- a Techie is somebody who is competent (good) in technology; somebody who has a passion for tech stuff especially computing and electronics (Microsoft® Encarta® 2008). No doubt you know who a medic is (a medical student, medical doctor, medical officer, or dentist).

Personally, I have this inborn passion for computers and anything that has to do with computing. I remember my high school days vividly. Then I really wanted to pursue a computer course but then came this little advice: “Son you’ve got lots of brains! Why not study medicine?!” Don’t ask me who that came from because I am not going to tell. Many years have gone by and I’ve come to discover that you don’t really have to be brainy to study medicine. A professor of Medicine once told us during ward round that any person was has school leaving certificate can be a professor of Medicine. All you need is the brain that can store loads upon loads of medical information. Just store up the names, principles, rules, procedures, parameters, values, and dosage, and reproduce it verbatim when it is demanded of you. You don’t have to creatively process anything. All you do is add a few signs and symptom together and hopefully place a finger on the likely or differential diagnosis. Now don’t get me wrong! Medicine is a lovely and noble profession. A medic is lord among mortals. Medics have limitless access to vital information about their patients and clients. And this makes them very powerful (at least in the ward, consulting room, or theatre). For lots of people who don’t know how the human anatomy and physiology functions, they are dazzled when medics roll out this information rather effortlessly.

Nevertheless, a medic’s creativity is greatly curtailed by the countless strict codes of conduct in Medicine. The landmarks set by the ancestral fathers of Medicine must not be moved unless a consensus has been unanimously arrived at after years (maybe decades) of due deliberation. Medical school is fun sometimes but Medicine is a jealous bride, she wants your mind for keeps, here and forever after. For someone like that has several tendencies as it relates to being a techie, I hope I don’t divorce her soon.

Well, at first, the techie side of me was often at loggerheads with the medic side of me. But now I have been able to reconcile both of them. And today they are working synergistically in taking me to greater heights. Now I can boldly say that I want to fully revolutionize the management of patients, running of the hospital system, and the trend of health sector on the platform of medically compatible computerization and technology (at least in Africa). I shall begin from my own medical practice. If Bill Gate was to design a hospital how would he go about it? That is the thought on my mind right now. Please visit for more.

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   -Akpenyi Dennis (the Oracle of Denzyjones).



nosarodion said...

This is great Denzy!!! Really great. I am highly impressed by the level of excellence displayed here. Keep writing broda, keep writing.

7nobles said...

Bro Nosa, that S.O.D spirit is aflame in my soul. Thanks for stopping by. How are u preparing for the elections?! All the best in your studies. Keep winning! Dr Steven is now doing his residency programme in UBTH. Hope to meet you online one day. Dennis

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