Friday, September 5, 2008

Here comes the World's greatest!

I saw her turn quickly around as she heard my lips utter these words: "Here comes the world's greatest." I looked at her and I knew she did not turn because something else caught her attention nor because the words were meant for someone else behind her. I knew that even if her ears heard the words but it couldn't register on her heart. After all, is it not the same heart that bore the intact memories of the summary of what was left of her life? She wasn't shy or trying to feign modesty. She was  simply a bitter woman whose past has held in thralldom. And so to her, my words were like rubber balls bouncing off the a concrete floor. 

She once listened. She once trusted. She once believed but not anymore. The pain and hurts and disappointments she's been through seem to have added an extra half a decade to the twenty-four years of her existence but did not mask the feminine beauty that would make any onlooker steal a second look. The looks in her eyes bore the clear evidence of the needs and voids in her soul. She had a 9a.m to 5p.m job and so she had at least enough resources to take good care of herself although that seemed quite lacking. She had in and out two marriages already and so she wasn't necessarily in desperate need of a man's attention or affection. She needed a message of truth spoken in love tenderly but firmly to her weary but willing heart.

All she needed was the fact that her heart could be encouraged to believe and act on these words. She needed to be told that she still got some good fight left in her. That she shouldn't throw off the gloves in defeat. She needed the hazy horizon of her life to take on a new and definite meaning. She needed to be taught how to make choices that make for successfully living.

When her beautiful face turned back at me, I repeated the same words: "Here comes the world's greatest!" and then added, "The world is waiting for that unique quota only you can contribute. You were born to be a gift to Mankind. Don't live or die in the contrary. No matter how much abuse you went through as a little girl or as a young woman married to a man she thought loved her so dearly only be dumbed for another woman. Don't allow events or the tides define you. Pick up your life with the hands of hope and teach your heart that the World is waiting for you."

Beloved, your story may be a replica or similar to the scenario I just painted. The truth is I have been talking to you regardless of gender. The world is really waiting for you. Begin like this: forgive yourself, release others from the grudge you may hold against them- that abusive parent, sibling, relative or spouse. Then keep adding value to yourself.  Remember your relevance to yourself, family, friends, boss, or society depends on how valuable you are. Keeping winning! Keep shining. Someone loves you. Someone cares about you. So don't hurt yourself. Preserve your destiny!  

                     - Akpenyi Dennis (The Oracle of Denzyjones).

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Hey Bro,

This is really great..... yours is light years ahead of mine... i guess I have to learn a lot from you.

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